INSECT: International Scholar Exchange,
Collaboration and Training


About the Program

University of Arizona students now have the option to enrich their education with a fall or spring semester abroad at one of the following universities:

Modes of Collaboration

University of Würzburg

Neurogenetics, neuroethology, neuroanatomy, immunohistochemistry, neurodevelopment, brain evolution, neurophysiology

University of Tours

Exchanges in all disciplines of training and research

University of Southampton

Insect science and research involving insects as model organisms ranging from medical research to ecology and evolutionary biology

Wenzhou Medical College

Insect science and research areas involving insects as model organisms ranging from medical research to neuro-physiological, ecological and evolutionary biology

Student Eligibility

  • Graduate and senior undergraduate level for one academic year or the equivalent thereof;
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.


Because you would remain enrolled in the UA while becoming an exchange student, you would pay regular UA tuition and fees. If you have federal funding (e.g. a Stafford Student Loan) you may apply that aid. If you have other outside funding (e.g. a private scholarship) you may also apply that to your UA tuition and fees, upon approval from the private sponsor. Unfortunately, if you have any UA financial assistance (e.g. an in-state tuition waiver or teaching assistantship), you must defer your UA assistance until you return (but you don't have to forfeit it altogether). One of the benefits of this program is that you do not have to pay any additional tuition or fees to the host institution.

Students are responsible for their transportation, living expenses, cost of lodging, health insurance and additional study costs. Funding, up to $3,000 per semester, is available to help cover these costs (see below). Please contact the study abroad advisor (see below) for more information on living expenses at the specific host institutions.

Also, if you participate in this exchange during the fall or spring semesters, you can apply for the Travel Grant (up to $1,000) through the Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange. For further funding resources, check out the Scholarship Database through the Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange.


You may drop UA student health insurance for the semester, but you must acquire coverage that meets the requirements of the host institution.

Transferability of Credit

Up to 20% of the total credits required may consist of approved transfer credit from our exchange partners. Any shortfall of credits experienced during the exchange semester as a result of this limitation may be covered by an independent study. It is important to maintain full time enrollment during your studies abroad.

How To Apply

You may pick up an application from the Center for Insect Science offices at 1007 E. Lowell Street (Life Sciences South, Room 227) or by downloading it here (Word doc file). The application includes a short essay, two letters of recommendation, and your official transcripts.

Application Deadlines:

Fall programs: March 15th
Spring programs: September 15

As soon as the selection of students has been made, their names will be forwarded immediately to the Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange. They will assist in preparation of the additional paperwork and provide general advising about visas as well as living and studying abroad. You are responsible for necessary visas and for complying with the immigration laws of the host country. So start early as visa applications and other paperwork will take several months to be processed.

Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange

For advising for your specific country, please see the advisors at: Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange: